DEFCON 28 – A Deep Dive on Delay Functions !

In the DEFCON 28, Tejaswa Rastogi and myself teamed up to present our research on integrating a new kind of cryptography powered randomness for radical markets blending RANDAO and Verifiable Delay Functions (VDF) to prevent DoS and DDoS attacks on Ethereum 2.0 beacon chains. This was inspired by our work in StarkWare Veedo Streak Hackathon earlier this year. Today we are continuing this work in EPIC Knowledge Society in a project known as ‘TemereNet’. We have also recently integrated VDF powered decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) contracts using the Veedo Beacon Contracts created by StarkWare into our FusionLedger specification for emerging and exponential use cases in electronic auctions, electronic pricing, electronic invoicing networks, electronic voting etc. Please connect with us if you would like to understand more about the power of cryptography and consensus in creating radical markets powered by decentralisation.

Revolution Of Blockchain at #DWBLR2018


Dear All, Please join me in Developer Weekend Bangalore #DWBLR together with Prashanth Reddy and #TeamStudyOwl. I will be taking a session on #RevolutionOfBlockchain in the first day followed by detailed code lab on second day on #Ethereum #SmartContracts #HyperledgerFabric #Chaincode #IPFS #DAG #IOTA and #Hashgraph.