Quantum Computing Architect with deep expertise on Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Data Science, Quantum Cryptography, and Quantum Machine Learning


Senior manager, UST Global; Trivandrum, Kerala — 2015-Present

  • Formed a Quantum Computing Research Group in UST Global Innovation Lab
  • Formed a Quantum Computing Collaboration with CSIR and KTU
  • Formed a Quantum Computing Collaboration with Russian Quantum Center
  • Formed a Quantum Computing Collaboration with Kerala StartUp Mission
  • Formed a Quantum Computing Collaboration with BITS Pilani
  • Developed Quantum Cryptography Protocols on Zero Knowledge Proof Methods
  • Subject Matter Expert on IBM Quantum Experience, Rigetti QVM, Microsoft Q#
  • Chief Mentor to a group of five Quantum Computing Engineers in the Research Lab
  • Presented Quantum Computing Capabilities to Fortune 100 Semiconductor companies
  • Managing the Operations at Digital Innovation Lab at Trivandrum Centre
  • Managing the Customer Experience and Insights at Innovation Lab Trivandrum
  • Incubated a Quantum Computing Research Centre for Innovation Lab Trivandrum
  • Incubated an Industrial IoT and Robotics Research Centre for Innovation Labs
  • Incubated a Blockchain Service Line and Centre of Excellence for India location
  • Incubated a Legacy Modernisation Lab for Mainframe Stack within India centre
  • Incubated a MongoDB Engineering centre within Innovation Lab Trivandrum

Founder, EPIC Knowledge society; Trivandrum, Kerala — 2015-Present

  • Founded a Quantum Computing Meetup in Trivandrum with 100+ Members
  • Formed a Global Research Group on Quantum Computing with 100+ Members
  • Formed a Think Tank on Quantum Computing across Colleges in Kerala
  • LinkedIn Published Author on Quantum Computing and Quantum Algorithms
  • Presented a Key Note on Quantum Computing at Geek Nights Coimbatore 2018
  • Presented a Key Note on Quantum Computing at Developer Weekend Trivandrum 2017
  • Presented a Key Note on Quantum Computing at Kerala University DCB Workshop
  • Presented a Quantum Computing Lecture Series for Kerala StartUp Mission
  • Presented a Quantum Computing Developer Workshop for IEEE All Kerala Congress
  • Presented a Quantum Computing Developer Workshop for CET
  • Designed Quantum Bloom Filter Platfrom using Grovers Search Algorithm
  • Designed Quantum Machine Learning Algorithm using Restricted Boltzmann Machine


  • Blockchain : Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain, Tendermint, IOTA, Hashgraph
  • Quantum Computing : PyQuil, IBM Q, Microsoft Q#, Rigetti QVM, Grove, QuTiP
  • JavaScript : Node, React, Truffle, Embark, Angular, Dojo, JQuery
  • Data Science : R, Julia, Python, Kaggle, Biostatistics, Data Strategy
  • Machine Learning : Tensorflow, Scipy, Numpy, Scikit Learn, Keras, GAN,
  • Enterprise Content Management: Drupal, OpenText, Documentum, Alfresco
  • Search Engines: UltraSeek, Lucene, FAST, Autonomy, Search, Elastic Search
  • Languages : Julia, R, Python, Haskell, Java, XML, Perl, HTML, Solidity, Go
  • Servers : WebSphere, Weblogic, Tomcat, JBoss, Orion
  • Databases : Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Neo4j


AB Vijay Kumar, CTO, IBM Mobile First – Apple Garage and Distinguished Engineer

Joyil Joseph,  Executive Architect, IBM GBS Industrial Sector Innovation Council

Mathana K Siddharth, Senior Vice President, Development Bank of Singapore

Dr. Achuth Sankar S Nair, Director, University of Kerala IQAC and Head of DCB

R Abhilash, CEO Bloom Bloom and Founder BHub Business Incubator