Gokul Alex is an Engineer, Economist and Educator experimenting with emerging and exponential technologies. He loves the creative convergence of programming, philosophy, poetry, psychology, physics with passion and perspectives. He is one of the global 100 Blockchain Experts selected by LATTICE80 Network. He is a top 20 Global thought leader on AI, Analytics, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Cryptography, Data Science, Design Thinking, Enterprise Architecture, Quantum Computing and EduTech, FinTech, GovTech, HealthTech as ranked by Thinkers360 Platform. 

He is a Digital Transformation and Innovation Management expert with over 20 years of experience in designing world-class enterprise architectures for Government & Public Sector, Banking, Financial Services, Retail, Telecom, Healthcare, Energy & Utility, Electronics Industry sectors and building Digital Innovation Labs for Fortune 500 MNCs such as PwC, EY, IBM, UST Global, etc. He has successfully implemented enterprise portals and content management systems for Citibank across 64 countries across the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 

He has worked on challenging assignments for Fortune 500 companies in the area of Supplychain Finance, Supplychain optimisation, Supplychain Command Centre etc. He has delivered one of the first Digital Trade Finance product using Design Thinking and Data Analytics for one of the largest shipping company in Europe. He has deployed one of the first Blockchain based Supplychain solution in Government and Public Sector for Fertiliser Subsidies as part of Direct Benefit Programs of Government of India. He has architected trade finance and invoice finance platforms on blockchain for customers across multiple customers in South Asia and Middle East. He has conceptualised a number of integrated supplychain systems using AI, Advanced Analytics and Automation powered by IOT in the automotive and manufacturing sector for clients in US, Europe and Asia. 

He is the founder of EPIC Knowledge Society, one of the largest emerging technology and exponential entrepreneurship-focused non-profit organisation with roots in India and serving thousands of engineers and educators across the world.  He has joined Spathion Labs as the Chief Innovation Officer focusing on FinTech and RegTech through the conference of cryptography, consensus algorithms, data science, and distributed ledgers. He is the co-founder and chief digital officer of BTCD Consulting, one of the pioneering Blockchain, Tokenomics an Cryptoeconomics and Digitisation Consulting Company with a network of investors and entrepreneurs.  He is also a thought leader on Digital Technologies in the pioneering AI, Analytics and Automation Think Tank – 3AI. He is also guiding blockchain entrepreneurs across the world through the international venture capital platform Blockchain Founders Fund. 

His early affair with Blockchain started with explorations on Bitcoin protocol during his stint with IBM and EY in 2013. He has started working on Bitcoin, Multi chain, Eris and Ripple in 2015. He was conducted extensive studies on the early evolution of cryptocurrencies and their relation to global finance. He has setup a Blockchain Educational Network in South India in 2016. He has developed the first prototype in Hyperledger 0.4 in 2016. He has quickly moved to Ethereum Stack in 2016. He has setup the largest Hedera Hashgraph Community in India. He started working with ZCash, Monero and RSK in 2017. He runs the ZCash Kerala Community. 

He has joined Algorand foundation as the first Ambassador from India fascinated by its cryptography. He is active in Tezos Blockchain Community and is currently serving as one of the honorary directors of Tezos India Foundation. Fascinated by Blockchain Privacy and Security Models, he joins Elixxir Blockchain Platform Ecosystem known as XX Collective. He is advisor to Amity University on Blockchain and Cloud Computing Courses. He is advisor to numerous Blockchain StartUps and Entrepreneurs across the world. 

His early experience with expert systems are with semantic web, search engines and knowledge reasoning systems in 2009 for databases and rule engines. He has worked on IBM Watson as early as 2014. He has authored four patents on applying AI in IBM IIOC in 2014. He has been a competency leader in Business Analytics for IBM. He has developed AI based search engines for global fortune 100 retail and healthcare organisations. He has won the D3 Hackathon by developing the Deep Learning powered Algorithmic Trading Engine. He has presented numerous sessions on Decentralisation of AI in National Seminars. He currently works on the convergence of decentralised machine learning techniques for reinforcement learning and graph neural networks.

He has published four patents and numerous articles across international magazines and portals. He is an IBM Certified IT Architect and IBM Redbooks Author. He has also authored a Book on Blockchain Security for BPB Publications. He has advised academic institutions such as the University of Kerala, University of Madras, Amity University, Vellore Institute of Technology, Jain University, etc. He has worked with MIT Media Lab on Open Access Algorithms and Quantum Computing. 

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