I reflect upon myself as an Intellect Explorer in search of Knowledge Collectives. I am an artist by instinct and engineer by life. Moving from romantic youth to cynical maturity.

I consider myself a vagabond in the sea of knowledge. I believe in the power of imagination and progress of humanity. Life more me is a struggle to resolve the riddles of time through dreams of future.

My relationship with ebullient words and their lyrical verses has progressed a lot, but still fathoms away from the brilliance of primordial charms of utterance and their wild contexts. From being a constant urge to create and recreate a nascent world of own, it has become a constructive organ, imbibing the expressions and artifacts in symbiosis between man’s first and second nature. Thus the verses below are sometimes odes, sonnets, quatrains of limited tenors to the past tenses while others are abstract but boiling expressions of concrete contradictions between real and hyper facets of life. Thus it becomes a multiverse dynamic in between a functional organ and a primitive rhythm.

At times a word is a wisdom in condensation, that merges composite mindset with languages offset. We never tend to know the spikes of the feelings that emanate from inner souls of consciousness. The polyphony of perception never ends with a poem, but germinates for the sake of inner speech and external senses. We are inherently dialectic between inner experiences and outer expressions of natural kind. Epistemology is not pervasive expression of human creativity , but the condensed and refined ore of natural logic. It refines the dialectic of language and ideology at times positing itself beyond the philosophic pretext from where it originated. Thus materialist logic dives into the realm of ideology and brings anew semantics of probing symbols of social evolution.The thought process in the subjective and cognitive process in the collective reflects this development of dynamic interjection of contradictions. And the resultant perception demands more of an angular and parallax perspective of historical materialism.

My Poetry Blogs 

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