Gokul Alex is a Blockchain Educator, Enterprise Architect, Data Scientist, Internet Technologist, and Quantum Computing Researcher with strong expertise on Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Computing, Digital Transformation, Epistemology, Innovation Management, Social Entrepreneurship and Semiotics.

He is contributing to the global blockchain ecosystem as the ambassador for Hashgraph and ZCash. He has authored four patents and published numerous articles and blogs. He has reviewed couple of books on Blockchain. He is an advisor to numerous Startups, Funds, Communities, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, Social Networks, Regulatory Bodies and Business Consortiums. He has developed Blockchain reference architectures and proof of concepts for Product Provenance, Land Registry, Biometric Identity, Energy Audit, Health Records, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things etc.

He has taken Blockchain Education Programs for Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations across India. He has set up a Blockchain Engineering division in the first ever corporate innovation lab of UST Global named INFINITY LABS. He has co-founded a non profit organization named as EPIC Knowledge Society of 1000+ Professionals across the globe. He is a mentor to more than 50+ Hackathons, 20+ Startups and 25+ Social Entrepreneurs through various Incubators and communities.

He is currently the Member of Global Blockchain Council. Leadership role in Blockchain Business Consulting. Driving Blockchain Strategy Consulting initiatives for Government and Public Sector Engagements across India for a Big Four Auditing Company. Advisory engagements for Global Blockchain Strategy and Delivery Engagements.

Subject Matter Expert on leading Blockchain Platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake, Hyperledger Caliper, Multichain, R3/Corda, IOTA, Multichain, RSK, EOS, Hashgraph, LISK, Cosmos, Ripple, Stellar, Komodo etc. Digital Enterprise Architect for building Blockchain Center of Excellence for Government Organizations. Contributing to the Ecosystem Development and Innovation Consulting Engagements for Blockchain Practice. Developing Blockchain Reference Architectures across Industrial Sectors and Platform services.

Blockchain Consulting Expertise : feasibility assessment, architecture review, platform strategy, product & service design, go to market strategy, capability maturity model, governance model, technology roadmap, operating models, minimum viable prototypes, security audits, utility token design, security token design, business process reengineering.

He has wide experience across distributed ledger technologies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, R3/Corda, Hyperledger Fabric & Sawtooth Lake, RSK, IOTA, EOS, Hashgraph, ZCash, Komodo, Interledger, Tendermint, Multichain, Polkadot, Loom etc. His Programming Experience include C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, XML, R, Julia, JavaScript, Solidity and Numerous Open Source, Free Software Packages.

He is currently researching on the industrial applications and emerging frontiers of Quantum Computing and exploring the contours of Post Quantum Cryptography, He is passionate about Physics, Poetry, Psychology, Philosophy and Cinema.