I am a Digital Futurist with passion for Social Entrepreneurship, Exponential and Emerging Technologies. I have been recognised as one among Top 20 Global Thought Leader on AI, Analytics, Blockchain, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Data Science, IoT and Quantum Computing by Thinkers360 Platform. I have been the keynote speaker, moderator and panelist for numerous technology conferences. I have authored four patents and published numerous articles & blogs. I have reviewed a couple of books on AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Quantum Computing. I am an advisor to numerous Startups, Think Tanks, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations, Social Networks, Regulatory Bodies and Business Consortiums.

I am a Digital Enterprise Architect with Professional Mastery and Pragmatic Insights on Emerging and Exponential Technologies. I have lead multi million dollar Customer Engagements on Digital Transformation, Digital Innovation, Legacy Application Modernisation, Knowledge Management, Product Development, Product Management, New Service Incubation, New Platform Engineering, Centre of Excellence Development, Innovation Lab Build Out, Innovation Management, Customer Experience Design, Customer Relationship Management, Corporate Operations, Corporate Finance, Revenue Campaigns, Marketing Strategy, Business Models and Go To Market Strategies. 

I have deep knowledge and hands on experience on designing and developing products, platforms, services, solutions and proof of concepts on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain Technology, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Cryptography, Cognitive Computing, Data Science, Design Thinking, Drones, Internet of Things, Quantum Computing, Robotics, Social Networks across the spectrum.I have been a champion of pioneering initiatives on Social Entrepreneurship, StartUp Ecosystems, People Analytics, Innovation Consulting, Social Business Networks, Academic Research Networks, Industrial Research Alliances, High performing Teams, Business Process Innovation, Cross Competency Innovation etc. 

My innovation management portfolio covers extensive experience with innovation centres in PwC, IBM, EY, UST Global and a suite of Business Incubators, Technology Accelerators, and Government Agencies. I have setup first ever Government Blockchain Labs for PwC India in Bangalore and pilot Corporate Innovation Lab Network for UST Global and the first ever Innovation Hackathon for EY Innovation Centre Trivandrum. I was also a key member of IBM Innovation Centre, IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program, IBM StartUp Cafe, IBM University Relations, IBM On Demand Community and IBM Digital Transformation Advocacy Program and IBM RedBooks Author Program. 

I have lead the Blockchain Strategy Consulting and Platform Engineering initiatives across central and state governments in India and abroad ranging from NITI Aayog, Government of Maharashtra, Government of West Bengal, Government of Kerala, Government of Karnataka, Government of Pondicherry, Government of Assam etc. I have been selected as the Blockchain Security Auditor for International Clients across Malta, Singapore and Thailand. I have designed Blockchain Architectures for International Governmental Organisations like United Nations, World Bank, World Economic Forum etc. 

I am currently driving Blockchain Initiatives across Government and Public Sector space as the Core Member of Government Blockchain Association in India. I am also part of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance as the contributor to the special interest groups across Digital Identity, Financial Services and Manufacturing Sector. I am also a core member of the Hyperledger Sawtooth Technical Working Group in India. I have set up the largest Developer Community for Hedera Hashgraph in India and first ever ZCash, IOTA, RSK, EOS Blockchain Platform Community in Kerala and the first ever Quantum Computing Research Centre for UST Global.

I could grow the corporate innovation lab in UST Global from 40 assets, 4 employee team to a network of 5 innovation labs spread across the globe with 25 employees, 700 interns, 200 entrepreneur network, 250 Academic Institutions, 100 MVPS, 150 MVCs, 50 startups connected ecosystem. I have also program managed the setup of the first ever Modernisation lab and Makerspace for UST Global. I have closely worked with the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management divisions of Government of Kerala (KSUM ), Government of Tamil Nadu ( EDII ), Kerala IT Mission, Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Department of Science and Technology, India Government.

I have extensive experiences in designing Hackathons in various flavours and formats such as Techathons, Ideathons, Hackathons, and Datathons and conducted more than 50+ Hackathons so far. I have been jury member to Hackathons across India. I have setup social business networks for 10+ Fortune 500 organisations in my career. I am a mentor to more than 20+ Startups and 25+ Social Entrepreneurs through various Incubators and communities. 

I am a globally recognised ECM technology expert and lead more than 60+ web content management and portal platform delivery engagements. I have contributed to 30+ application legacy modernisation initiatives. My ECM Technology expertise is spread across OpenText, Adobe, Sitecore, Documentum, IBM, Alfresco, Drupal platforms. I am quite passionate about programming in R, Julia, Python, Java, Perl, XML, JavaScript and an avid learner of prominent machine learning libraries such as Tensorflow, Keras, CNTK, Stanford NLP, Snorkel, YOLO etc.  

I have also functioned as an SME on Inventor Culture and Mentor for the IP council in IBM and UST Global. I am currently contributing to the academic innovation ecosystem in Kerala as the innovation advisor to University of Kerala and ICT Academy of Kerala, Bhub and the Kerala Blockchain Academy. I am currently building alliances and ecosystems to foster innovations in Quantum Computing, Design Thinking, Digital Marketing in Kerala.

Associate Director, PwC India, Bangalore, 2018 – Present

Member of Global Blockchain Council. Leadership role in Blockchain Business Consulting. Driving Blockchain Strategy Consulting initiatives for Government and Public Sector Engagements across India. Advisory engagements for Global Blockchain Strategy and Delivery Engagements.

Subject Matter Expert on leading Blockchain Platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake, Hyperledger Caliper, Multichain, R3/Corda, IOTA, Multichain, RSK, EOS, Hashgraph, LISK, Cosmos, Ripple, Stellar, Komodo etc. Digital Enterprise Architect for building Blockchain Center of Excellence for Government Organizations. Contributing to the Ecosystem Development and Innovation Consulting Engagements for Blockchain Practice. Developing Blockchain Reference Architectures across Industrial Sectors and Platform services.

Blockchain Consulting Expertise : feasibility assessment, architecture review, platform strategy, product & service design, go to market strategy, capability maturity model, governance model, technology roadmap, operating models, minimum viable prototypes, security audits, utility token design, security token design, business process reengineering.

Senior Manager, INFINITY LABS , UST Global, Kerala — 2015-2018

  • Extensive Work Experience in Retail, Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services
  • Developed a Blockchain Engineering team of 25 resources and 20 + prototypes
  • Worked across Robotics, Quantum Computing, Bioinformatics, Mixed Reality
  • Developed a Vehicle Identity Management System using Ethereum, Truffle and IPFS
  • Developed a Biometric Identity Blockchain on Ethereum, Embark, NodeJs
  • Developed an EHR based Provider Data Integrity Platform on Ethereum, Truffle
  • Developed a Diamond Supply chain Tracking Ledger on Hyperledger 0.6
  • Deployed an Interledger POC on Zcash using various payment channels
  • Worked on Interledger Protocol Deployment POC along with BigchainDB
  • Integrated Ethereum Virtual Machine with Hashgraph Consensus Algorithm
  • Deployed a Social Banking Mobile App with Hashgraph as Messaging Engine
  • Deployed an IPFS based Document Indexing Application on Hashgraph
  • Developed an Sensor Monitoring Engine using IOTA on Raspberry Pi 3
  • Developed a Social Payment Protocol using Stateless4J and Square APIs
  • Developed a Trade Finance Engine using J2EE and Micro Payment Services
  • Developed a Social Network Authenticator using OAuth, Gigya and Sprinklr
  • Developed a Computer Vision based Credit Card Authentication Engine
  • Developed an InterBot communication framework on Firebase
  • Developed a Knowledge Reasoning Chat Agent using LOUIS and Graken
  • Developed an Algorithmic Trading Engine using Recurrent LSTM and Azure ML

Senior Consultant, EY : Trivandrum, Kerala — 2014-2015

  • Developed a Big Data Analytics and Data Science Team with Healthcare focus
  • Worked across Mobile, Social, Analytics, Cloud, Storage and Machine Learning
  • Designed and Developed a Crowd Funding Platform on Ruby on Rails
  • Designed and Developed a Fractal Algorithm for Bloom Filter Optimization
  • Designed a Bi-holomorphic Data Structure using Julia and Fatou Fractals
  • Designed and Developed an Ephemeral Data Structure for Video Encryption
  • Designed and Developed a Temporary Social Media using Ephemeral Data Structures
  • Designed Mobile Enterprise Security Architecture for a Fortune 100 Insurance company
  • Designed a Content Classification Engine for IBM Watson based Content Repository
  • Designed and Developed Semantic Content Repository using IBM Watson APIs
  • Developed an Enterprise Content Management System on SharePoint and Drupal
  • Designed a Face Recognition Algorithm using Gabor Filters and Julia Fractals
  • Developed a Transaction Messaging Middleware on Microsoft BizTalk Server

IT Architect, IBM Global Business Service: Bangalore, — 2011 – 2014

  • Extensive work experience with Electronics, Automotive, Telecom, Chemical Industry
  • Worked across Cognitive Computing, Big Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud Competencies
  • Developed a Disaster Recovery Platform using Google People Finder
  • Developer Data Deduplication Solution using IBM SPSS and Entity Analytics
  • Developed an Mobile Content Management System using IBM Mobile First
  • Developed a Social Network Analytics solution using IBM Watson APIs
  • Developed a Integration utility between IDOLSearch  Engine and ECM Server
  • Developed a File Storage and Archival Utility for a Content Management Server
  • Developed a Remote Content Deployment Utility using RPC and Java APIs
  • Developed a Message Parsing Utility for IBM Message Sight Server
  • Developed an Image Parser utility for IBM Watson based AI Service
  • Developed a Semantic Summary Parser Application with IBM Watson APIs

IT Architect, Sapient Nitro; Bangalore, Karnataka 2010 – 2011

  • Worked across Telecom, Transportation, Logistics, Retail domain
  • Worked across Content Storage, Content Delivery and Analytics Platforms
  • Designed and Developed an Enterprise Social Network for Digital Team
  • Designed and Developed a Digital Content Repository for Airline customer
  • Developed a Content Expiry Workflow Engine for Enterprise Content Repository
  • Developed a Content Archival Workflow Engine for Portal Content Repository
  • Developed a Search Engine Integration Utility between ECM Platform and UltraSeek
  • Designed and Developed a Search Engine for a Telecom Sector customer
  • Designed and Developed an XML Parser Utility for a Portal App Engine

ECM Practice Leader, Citibank ITO; Singapore  2007- 2010

  • Worked across Retail and Wealth Banking customers across 65 countries
  • Worked across Mobile, Web, Cloud, Mainframe, Messaging Platfoms
  • Developed Database Cache Update Modules for Portal applications
  • Developed Siteminder Authentication modules on JAAS and JCA
  • Developed Solaris and Unix Security Models for Enterprise Content Server
  • Developed a Semantic Content Delivery tool using Yahoo Pipes Platform
  • Developed a Bulk Data Loader Utility for Retrieving data from remote databases
  • Deployed RPC Protocol based Content Delivery Network across large sever farms
  • Developed Cross File System based File Versioning Tool for ECM Platforms
  • Developed Dynamic File Encryption utilities for ECM Platforms using Java APIs
  • Developed a Personalized Content Delivery Engine using a Rule Engine approach
  • Customized the Database Schema to store EBXML and HTML content formats
  • Developed Web Applications for Transactions Management, Analytics etc.

Associate Consultant, Polaris Software labs, Chennai — 2005- 2009

  • Worked across Technology Teams in Europe, Asia and United States
  • Worked on Pioneering Banking and Financial Technology Platforms
  • Designed and Implemented internal databases for storing and managing data
  • Designed and Developed a Mobile Payment Gateway on WebSphere MQ
  • Designed and Developed a Rule Engine using JAXB Framework
  • Designed and Developed a Data Persistence Framework on EJBs
  • Designed a Reverse Proxy Engine and Deployed on iPlanet Web Server
  • Developed parallel processes for the Content Management Server apps


  • Blockchain : Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain, Tendermint, RSK, NEO
  • DLT Platforms : Ripple, Interledger, IOTA, Hashgrah, Stellar
  • Quantum Computing : PyQuil, IBM Q, Microsoft Q#, Rigetti QVM, QuTiP
  • Databases : Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL,  DB2, Bigchain DB, MongoDB,
  • JavaScript : Node, React, Web3, Truffle, Embark, Angular, Dojo, JQuery
  • Data Science : R, Julia, Python, Kaggle, Biostatistics, Data Strategy
  • Machine Learning : Tensorflow, Scipy, Numpy, Scikit Learn, Keras, GAN,
  • ECM Stack: Drupal, OpenText, Documentum, Alfresco, Joomla
  • Search Engines: UltraSeek, Lucene, FAST, Autonomy, Verity, Elastic
  • Languages : Julia, R, Python, Haskell, Java, XML, Perl, HTML, Solidity, Go
  • Libraries. : STL, MFC, Tensorflow, Keras, Caret, ggplot, Scipy, NumPy
  • Frameworks : IIOP, CORBA, RMI, Struts, Spring, Spring Webflow
  • Concepts: OOAD, UML, Refactoring, Reflection, Multithreading, AOP
  • Servers : WebSphere, Weblogic, Tomcat, JBoss, Orion