How to drift in time ?

In this late night hours on a Saturday, after watching a few documentaries on Vimeo, I feel that we are learning the art of drifting in time. Time is a tyrant ! I felt this a few years ago. At this moment, time is more forceful and formless and ephemeral and is tempting all of us to drift with its qualms. I may or may not exist in space, yet I always drift in time. Space is just a co-existence, I feel at this moment. A few years ago, I felt there is only space. In this age of digital technology, we may feel the world is flat. This illusion makes us feel that there is no time and only space. However, now I feel space is just a temporal coexistence for a few hundred years. It is a manifestation of energy through matter and material representations. Between and Beyond, time exist. Hence we need to learn the art of drifting time.

Intellect Explorer : A Prelude

Welcome to a new event horizon in the information hyper-network. Beyond the modalities of technocracy,  we narrate internet in the context of multiplicities. This is not multiplicity of subalterns, but  emanating from the  dialectics of cognizance and contrast that dominate the consciousness of  humane interactions with the networked  existence of machined memories.We engage in this medium with the need to communicate and with urge to create works of art and science.

Internet continues to be a  powerful tool with myriads of possibilities for human creativity. This site is an attempt to share the those fragments of knowledge and evolving opinions about various issues and innovations. Aim is to analyze all sort of milestones in this  man – machine interactive, nevertheless keeping a critical eye.

Every beginnings stems from the innate drive to create an ensemble of yours in this world. In the new modes of internet, we trace knowledge in its swift and pedagogic ends. Language begins to attain new relations, impacts and moments in the communicative  processes. Narratives aim to bridge the layers of semantic wonders and unravel the breakthroughs in common hood.

While mirroring the conjectures and combinatorial in real economy, this exploration through intellectual constructs continues to be a vagabond in quest for qualitative signatures in the gigantic spheres of accumulating information. When finance capital resorts to the piling information, we tend to get assimilated to the truncated conjectures and ideologies demanding the soul and semblances of tiniest aspirations of life. Resisting the same, our tenacity to exercise vibrancy and will over the mightiest of the illusions shall lead us to a road carved out in the perceptions of red and white.